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Twinkle-Star MINI

Based on its 3 circuit boards the geba Twinkle-Star Mini includes 3 different functions: blink, flash and permanent light. Even if this signal lamp is very small, it will catch the attention quickly by shining bright. It can be mounted on the wall through a bracket.

Product details:
Material of the enclosure: Glass reinforce polypropylene
Operation voltage: 24V AC or 230V AC Max. 3W
Protection class: IP 65


The new rotating-and flashing lights have 9 or 18 hightech LED‘s (depending on the version). They can be mounted direkt on a post or with the help of a bracket on the wall (optional).

Model overview

Twinkle-Star Mini

Item number

Ref.: 905.MBSL.10  24V AC/DC

Ref.: 905.MBSL.20  230V AC

More information about the Twinkle-Star Mini here

LED Universal rotating- and flashing light 905.RLSL.20

LED Universal rotating- and flashing light

Item number

Ref.: 905.RLSL.20

LED flashing light 905.BLSL.20

LED flashing light

Item number

Ref.: 905.BLSL.20

bracket for signal lights Ref.: 905.BW00.00 anthracite 905.BW01.00 light grey

bracket for signal lights

Item number

Ref.: 905.BW00.00  anthracite
Ref.: 905.BW01.00  light grey