Quadra_Lux_double Art. Nr. 905_SLSL_20 Art.: 905.SLSL.20 – rot & grün Art.: 905.SLSL.50 – red & yellow


Our new signal lamp Quadra-Lux distinguishes from other models by an innovative design, easy handling and its modu-larity. The signal lamp is equipped with the latest LED tech-nology consisting of 16 high-power diodes and several safety circuits. The mounting can be made directly onto the wall. Alternative you can mount it with a mounting bracket and the option to swivel it 90 degrees.

  • ultra-flat, aesthetic design
  • operation voltage 24V or 230V
  • protection class IP65
  • max. light yield with min. energy consumption
  • easy assembly with dovetail guide
  • 16 ultra-bright LEDs
  • permanent light or flashing possible