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Änderung bei Codiergeräten (März 2013)

Dear customer,   

as you have noticed, in the last view month our CODY Universal products have been simplified and adjusted.

It is new, that you have to order the logic part and the keypad separate. Your advantage is that you can use one logic unit from 20/28 Volt up to 240 Volts .

Also new is the illuminated DUO-Line keypad with foil membrane or metal key panel.
All new logical boards, have a slot for a separate radio control in 868 or 433 MHz. 
With start using the new control unit, it is so easy to make a set up change, specially for older installations with our new wireless system and our new Designer transmitters.

We are sure, that you will find the right solution for your specification - with wire or wireless.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to sent us a mail to or give us a ring +4922438804-0. Our sales team will take care.

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